Important Dental Implant Facts You Need to Know

Thanks to Nashville dental implants, you can still achieve the smile of your dreams even after you’ve lost your permanent teeth. Going through surgery may not appeal to you, but you’ll likely change your mind once you discover the many benefits dental implants can offer. Besides, what’s there to worry about when over three million Americans get them yearly? If you need some convincing, the following facts might help.  

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Essential Facts About Dental Implants That Will Make You Love Them More

Dental Implants Are Artificial Tooth Roots

Anyone who has lost their teeth can qualify for dental implant surgery. But you must first be screened for eligibility before you’re scheduled for surgery. The screening process is vital for the success of the procedure. A dental implant system consists of three components – an implant screw-shaped body, an abutment, and an artificial crown.  

The body is surgically placed in your jawbone while the abutment is attached to it. Your oral surgeon will mount your final dental crown to complete the process. Getting dental implants could take several months since your oral surgeon will need to wait for your jawbone tissues to grow around the implants to make them effective anchors for your artificial teeth.  

Just As Strong as Your Natural Teeth

Since implants are artificial, you might think they’re fragile. On the contrary, they are impressively robust and can restore your biting force up to 100%. Implants boast features that closely match your natural teeth in terms of durability and strength. This means you can enjoy your favorite foods just like before.

The reason behind their stability is that the implant integrates with your bone tissues, creating a strong bond that copies the strength of natural tooth roots.  

The Surgery Has a High Success Rate

Many people are discouraged from getting dental implants since it’s a surgical procedure. Not many people know that it has a high success rate and let fear rob them of a beautiful smile. Studies show that dental implant surgery has a high success rate of up to 98%. As long as you pass the eligibility criteria, there should be nothing to worry about.  

Resistant To Cavities and Decay

Dental implants are resistant to corrosion, stains, and decay, so they will never discolor or develop cavities.  

Easy to Care

One of the things to love about dental implants is they do not require special care, unlike dentures. You need to remove dentures and soak them in a solution every night to keep them functional.

On the other hand, dental implants can remain in their best shape if you brush your teeth twice a day with a soft-bristled toothbrush, floss before bedtime, and see your dentist once every six months for an oral exam and teeth cleaning. Caring for your implants is the same as caring for your natural teeth.

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Interested In Nashville Dental Implants?

People lose their teeth for several reasons, whether it’s severe decay or gum disease. The good news is that you can restore your smile and oral health by replacing missing teeth with dental implants.  

At Nashville Dental Implants, we offer quality dental care to all our patients. We make sure you’ll love your smile. Contact us today to learn more about our services.