soft Tissue grafting

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soft tissue grafting

If your gums are receded, soft tissue grafting can help. During this procedure, we will take tissue from another area of your mouth and use it to replace missing gum tissue.

Along with covering your tooth roots, some patients also choose to get soft tissue grafting because of its cosmetic benefits.

who's a good candidate for soft tissue grafting?

There are two major reasons why people tend to get soft tissue grafting:

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    Receded gums have left their tooth roots exposed, causing discomfort or even tooth loss. In this case, we will perform a functional soft tissue graft.

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    They are displeased with the appearance of their receding gums. In this case, we will perform a cosmetic soft tissue graft.

what to expect from this procedure

If you are experiencing gum recession, we’ll first want to address the source of the issue. This could mean LANAP laser treatment. We’ll then want to address any gum recession that is causing issues.

If you are getting a cosmetic soft tissue graft, we will likely focus on restoring your front teeth. If you need a functional soft tissue graft, we will want to address recession in your back teeth as well.

are you looking for soft tissue grafting in nashville, TN?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. At Nashville Dental Implants, we’re periodontal specialists. That means we’re ready to address any tissue that’s been affected by periodontal disease and replace it. We offer everything from soft tissue grafting to crown lengthening.

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