platelet rich fibrin (PRF)

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platelet rich fibrin (PRF)

Once you’ve received dental implants, there is a post-surgery recovery period where you need to give your body time to heal. PRF is designed to expedite healing by using platelets from your own blood.

who's a good candidate for PRF?

PRF is most commonly used to expedite healing for dental implants, but it can also be used in tandem with bone grafting.

Some people may not be able to take advantage of PRF due to bleeding disorders or certain types of allergies. There are also some situations where you may not benefit from PRF. During your initial consultation, we can let you know whether you’re a good candidate.

what to expect from this procedure

There are a number of reasons why we like recommending PRF to patients who are good candidates:

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    It does not take a significant amount of time. Often, we can draw the necessary blood on the same day as your implant appointment.

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    While it is not typically covered by insurance, it’s very cost-effective.

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    It’s safe, since we’re using you’re your own blood.

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    Along with significantly reducing recovery time, PRF has also been shown to reduce the discomfort you experience after the procedure.

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