How Can Your Oral Health Benefit from Dental Implants?

Missing teeth may seem like a cosmetic problem, but if you look at studies and learn the consequences of tooth loss, you’ll discover that it can lead to serious problems. Dental implants in Nashville are just one of the many choices available to replace missing teeth. It’s a surgical procedure that involves embedding screw-shaped rods into your mouth, specifically your jawbone, to act as anchors for your artificial teeth.

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dental implants nashville

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots that are shaped like tiny screws. During implant surgery, your oral surgeon will create a tiny incision along your gumline to expose your jawbone. Once it’s accessible, they will drill small holes where your implants are embedded. It can be a single implant or several implants that anchor an entire row of artificial teeth.  

Implants are typically made from zirconia or titanium, but most people prefer traditional metal implants. Once the posts are settled in your jawbone, you’ll have to wait several months until they are fully integrated into your jaw for stability and security.  

Over time, the bone tissues will grow around the implant to create a strong and stable foundation for your crowns. Afterward, you can smile confidently and chew your food with the same amount of biting force as your natural teeth.  

As your gum tissues heal and the fusion is complete, your dentist will place the abutment or connector, followed by the dental crown.  

What Are the Benefits of Dental Implants?

Retains Facial Structure

Tooth loss can affect your life in many ways, which is why replacing missing teeth is crucial. One of the reasons why you need dental implants is that they help preserve your facial structure. People who fail to replace missing teeth will eventually lose their jawbone.  

The absence of tooth roots can lead to bone resorption, meaning your jawbone will progressively deteriorate. Over time, this can lead to a sunken and hollow look, making you appear older than your age.  

Protect Nearby Teeth

The deterioration of your jawbone can cause a domino effect of oral issues. Bone loss is not the only problem you’ll have to deal with. Did you know that missing teeth will also cause adjacent teeth to shift out of position? They will move and fill in the gap where your teeth once were. The misalignment will eventually lead to further tooth loss.  

Improved Confidence

Having a full set of teeth will do wonders for your self-esteem. Studies show that those with missing teeth felt self-conscious and insecure about their smiles. Although it’s just a cosmetic problem, it can affect a person’s mental and emotional states. If you want to restore your confidence, dental implants can help.  

Dental implants share almost the same features as natural teeth. They provide you with a strong bite and a natural-looking smile; more importantly, they are built to last forever. What more can you ask for?

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Do You Want Dental Implants in Nashville?

While plenty of other tooth restoration solutions are available, dental implants are by far the best choice, as they give you an attractive smile while improving your oral health.  

At Nashville Dental Implants, we will work closely with you to determine the best dental procedure for you. We offer many restorative dental treatments, including single-tooth and multiple teeth dental implants. Contact us today to learn more about our services.