What You Need to Know About Full Arch Dental Implants

Do you have several missing teeth? If you’re looking for permanent, comfortable, and natural-looking dental prostheses, you may want to think about getting full arch dental implants. Dental implants can improve your quality of life because they are designed to restore your smile and oral function up to 100%. They boast many features that are identical to natural teeth.  

illustration of full arch dental implants

Full Arch Dental Implant Basics

What Is a Single-Tooth Dental Implant?  

Before full arch dental implants were invented, there were single-tooth implants. In a single-tooth implant, the ratio is 1:1; you’ll get one implant for every lost tooth. A dental implant is a screw-shaped titanium rod biocompatible with your jawbone.  

The implant is surgically embedded into your jawbone, and once it becomes fully fused with your bone tissues, an artificial dental crown is placed on top to complete your smile. If you have multiple missing teeth, your oral surgeon will use single-tooth implants and place them individually to replace every lost tooth.

How Is a Single-Tooth Dental Implant Done?

Before the surgery, your oral surgeon will have your mouth cleaned and anesthetized. Local anesthesia is administered to keep you comfortable, so you won’t feel any pain. An incision is made in your gums to access your jawbone.  

Next, your oral surgeon will directly drill holes in your jaw to receive the implants. The location will be based on your treatment plan. The same steps are repeated if you have multiple missing teeth.  

After the first surgery, you can go home to recover. The initial healing time is about seven to 14 days. However, the osseointegration process (when your implants integrate with your jawbone to become a part of your mouth) can stretch up to three to six months. You’ll need to return for your last appointment when your mouth is completely healed. This is when the crowns are attached to the implants.  

What Are Full-Arch Dental Implants?

Full-arch dental implants utilize four to six dental implants strategically placed in your mouth to cover an entire row of missing teeth. When the implants have fused with your jawbone, and your tissues have healed completely, your oral surgeon will place removable or permanent implant-supported dentures that are securely fastened to the implants.  

What makes them different from traditional dentures is that they don’t move or shift out of position. They also look natural. Unlike dentures that do not prevent bone loss, full arch dental implants can help strengthen your jawbone.  

How Is It Performed?

The procedure for full-arch dental implants is somewhat similar to single-tooth implants. But, you can only get full-arch implants if you have extracted the rest of your natural teeth. Again, your mouth will be cleaned and anesthetized, followed by the insertion of four to six dental implants.  

While waiting for your permanent crowns, you’ll be asked to wear temporary dentures. It’s essential to be careful when chewing so as not to damage your dental implants.  

The initial healing will take a couple of weeks, followed by a three to six-month healing period for the implants to bond with your jawbone. After the healing process is complete, you can return to the clinic for the final attachment of your crowns.  

Illustration of full arch dental implants

Am I Eligible for Full Arch Dental Implants?

If you are interested in full arch dental implants but are unsure if you qualify, let us know, and we’ll screen you. At Nashville Dental Implants, we offer tailored dental treatments that can help maintain, boost, and improve your smile and oral health. Contact us today if you want to book a consultation.